My silly Relationship Story: He was Emotionally abusive

Hey guys, thanks for coming here to read these stories every time. Today’s story isn’t hilarious or exciting. It is one of the realities of our world. “Hurting people would always hurt others”.

Hmmmm this is one relationship experience I won’t forget in a hurry. I met this cool guy through a very close friend of mine, although it wasn’t love at first sight, I wanted us to be friends and get to know each other because I don’t like rushing things. But you see, this dude didn’t want that. I can remember our first conversation it was so obvious he wanted something more.

You know a girl gats notice, his manner of approach towards me became more warm and so loving and I had to tell him heeeeey we are not dating yet and the next thing was he apologizing that he was sorry he didn’t come out plain with what he wanted. He popped the question “will you make me the happiest man on earth?” (well not will you marry me?). It felt so good to be wooed like a lady and I was impressed that he asked me out the real way withouth sending mixed signals (call me ‘ol fashioned ).

But (a lady must be a lady!)  I told him let’s take things one step at a time but he seemed to be an “action guy” so he was super elated and I went with the flow. The relationship was amazing. He was open and honest but I noticed that we were going to have a problem because my spiritual life out weighed his. I asked him about church service a few times and from his reply it was obvious he didn’t go to church. I kept calm because I didn’t want to become mom number two.

Shockingly, in my bid to not mother him, he turned out being the mother. He knew I was in school and I had to keep developing myself which meant my schedule was really tight. I managed my time and tried to make our relationship a priority but he was never satisfied, he nagged about anything and everything. There was one time he blew things out of proportion just because of network problems and said hurtful things to me. He accused me of being uncaring and insensitive. He played the victim and acted like he was the only one that put effort into the relationship. I explained and told him that it was the crappy network and I wasn’t the only one affected, that even my female friends could testify. You know how painful it is for a man you love to try to turn things against you and not listen to you at all.

Well we settled that episode until one day I would never forget (so I claim). I was up till around 1am because I had to download some video tutorials he noticed I was awake (I’m sure you all would be wondering how, maybe na spirit). Dude pinged me and I replied, and  he asked why I was still awake,  I told him I was working and he was like “go to bed it is late”. I told him I slept at noon just for the purpose of work and I had to complete all I planned on doing. The next thing he said was that I’m too stubborn. I expected him to be happy that I was trying to do something tangible for myself. We argued that night and I politely told him I had to finish. He Then said …”or you are chatting with your secret admirer?” I was broken because it meant he was accusing me of cheating. I was hurt and I couldn’t concentrate that night so I went to bed without telling him goodnight.
After some days he spoke to me as if nothing happened, I kept forgiving and ignoring  but I wasn’t silent about it totally. Our relationship got back to normal but he kept on with his emotional blackmail. I overcompensated by texting him morning and night to impress him and make him stop.

Some days before valentine’s day I eventually discovered that he didn’t care about me. I asked him how we were going to celebrate and he was like his schedule was tight. I called him around past 12am to wish him happy vals day and asked him to try to keep in touch even though I understood his schedule was tight. He obliged but didn’t keep to his words. A male friend requested to take me out but I refused because I didn’t want to hurt him. My friend was angry and didn’t understand but I didn’t mind because I wanted to please my boyfriend. My boyfriend didn’t call me that day, the next day or the day after. To cut the story short, he didn’t pick my calls, he read my messages and didn’t respond. I sent a text telling him to move on  and that was when he replied me. He explained but he wasn’t straight forward. He called me to check up on me and I told him I was fine.After some days I called also, not to patch up our broken pieces, but to check up on him. For about two weeks we didn’t communicate.

I wanted him to know that I bore no grudge against him so I called, he still tried playing with my emotions and told me he missed me that he just needed me to clear my  head. I ended things since that time and I’m grateful I left that toxic relationship for good.

Till next post!

Please if you have a story please send me a mail through my contact me page and I will definitely get back to you. Thanks!


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