My Silly Relationship Story: Was I The DUFF?

This guy met me, or I met him, whatever! He SEEMED cool and since I’m one of those girls that doesn’t have guys talk to her that much, it was great that he asked to get my number. I liked him quite alright, not that I really liked anything about him but I was happy that finally a guy walked up to me. It’s not that I’m not beautiful or hot, I just don’t know why guys don’t come to me. Someone once said I have a spiritual husband and that I should consider going for deliverance prayers.

To be candid, I have never taken this as a problem, considering the fact that I’m still pretty young.  We met at an event, with my friend, and we got talking normally, he asked for my number and we talked even more. My friend even teased me about him and told me he liked me. But, our conversations never passed the hello….hi, what’s up? stage. My friend was quite friendly with him(I say quite because she was just being courteous not that she liked him). He asked for her number and she politely declined.

Since the conversation did not go too well, I stopped responding to his messages and moved on. Then we ran into each other a few months later at the mall. He was there with a few girls but he saw me and decided to leave them to come and talk to me, he actually said bye to them and took the bus with me home. That really felt good, we talked about everything, my dreams, his dreams, his love for God (this got me, a fine man that loves God!!! level 10,000 awesome). He texted me before I got home asking how I was doing and everything.

We talked for a while and he asked for us to see again. We met again and we got talking. Somehow, the conversation drifted to my friend and he asked all sorts of questions about her, ranging from her age, school, work, likes, relationship status. Then he asked for her contact. I answered his questions and gave him her number because I honestly felt he had an interest in me and wanted to have a spot in my friend’s life. We held hands and hugged that night after our outing and he even called me to check if I was home. In my head, I felt like I had found the one so effortlessly.

Two days later and I didn’t hear from him, I called him to find out how he was and he sounded fine. He didn’t seem to want to go further with conversations and I left him, again! Fast forward to three months, my friend gets back into town and starts gisting me about one guy she met, that said he got her number from me and knows me well.  She told me about how he was so in love with her, got her gifts and how they had video calls regularly and how they were going to meet finally this weekend. You can guess, she invited me. I already knew it was him, so I came up with an excuse not to go.

So, that’s my silly relationship experience. Was I a fool? I only hate the fact that this guy didn’t tell me straight up that he liked my friend and not me. He could have spared me the emotional stress of liking him, unliking him and liking him back, that’s why I still send him wierd love texts with a bulk sms service. (Totally kidding!)

All I would like to say is that guys should send the right signals everytime. It saves a lot of stress. I wish my friend a happy relationship and I wish that guy a happy life too.

Till next post!

Please if you have a story please send me a mail through my contact me page and I will definitely get back to you. Thanks!





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