My Silly Relationship Story: Orientation Camp Escapades

Hey guysss! How’s this weather treating Y’all? For me, I’ve been super hesitant to go to work. It’s been one hell of a week since last Tuesday, but God came through.

Today’s story is one that you can take a quick guess about from the caption, but before I start with this story, I’ll like to put a disclaimer here. These stories are totally past experiences that the writers have learnt from and they are solely posted for comedy and to help a sister that needs to know.

Story time

We met at NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) orientation camp, I honestly didn’t think anything would come up between us because he was the kind of guy that had so many girls flirting with him simply because he was cute! He was in my platoon so we got talking when we started practising for the volleyball competition. He was our coach and he was really nice to everyone. He knew just how to get the best out of you while playing. He would give compliments everyday and stare at me all through parade. I thought I was dreaming, this was the guy every girl was drooling over and he was all on my matter.

Trust me, I chose to ignore him because it was too good to be true, although I had a crush on him. One evening, during parade, I sat at the back because I had a problem with my breathing, he came and began to talk to me. We spoke for so long that I forgot to have dinner. We continued talking everyday after that and he would take me for lunch, dinner, you know that formal respectful kinda somethin.

Mr. smoothtalker was perfect and I had no reason to doubt him because he didn’t touch me or request for anything sexual. After a while, I began to hear stuff about him that he was dating bout five other girls on camp. I didn’t believe because I knew we spent all of our time together, so I waved it off. My friends warned me but I sincerely felt it was ‘bad belle’ talk. I trusted him so much so I told him what people were saying, he just smiled and said “don’t mind them”.

Some days later, I made a snap of the two of us (at this time, we were already an item, we had even shared a few kisses), one of my friends immediately messaged me and asked if that was (name withheld, let’s give him Mr. smoothtalker) smoothtalker. Shocked, I responded in the affirmative and asked her how she knew him. She called my phone immediately and downloaded the full gist for me. His girlfriend’s name, how the two were an item on instagram, she even gave me his IG name and I checked his page. So apparently, this guy had a girlfriend at home that he adored and he wanted to waste my time. SMH, I didn’t say anything to him, I just avoided him for the remaining time we had to stay in camp.

So, that’s my short story and I hope you enjoyed it? Thanks loveproject for the platform.

Till next post!

Please if you have a story please send me a mail through my contact me page and I will definitely get back to you. Thanks!






  1. Still Falling Blog · July 18

    That’s beautiful. Hoping to read more from you.❤

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