Books I love

Emotions and Thoughts

Managing your emotions instead of your emotions managing you by Joyce Meyer.

I remember how I used to wallow in self pity and feel  irritated with myself. I would beat myself up in fits of guilt and I would feel bad after everything. All I needed to be fine was Joyce’s help, with this book, I learnt my problems and my key point from this book is the fact that acceptance heals. I mean accepting our wrongs, weaknesses and those terrible things about us that we run from.Read this book if you are super sensitive, or if you just don’t understand whats wrong with you, or if you feel insecure, I promise it will help.


Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer

There’s a huge battle going on in our mind, to have the victory we have to stay alert to guide ourselves, submitting every thought to the authority of Christ and putting on the shield of faith to quench the enemy’s fiery darts. I read this book and my life changed,it made me understand that thoughts can be rejected or accepted. It’s a matter of choice. Choose positive thoughts with Joyce’s help, don’t forget God’s help is fruitful. Fight the battle in your mind with this great great book, I love it,you will!


Relationship and Marriage

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, Ph.D.
One basic truth about us is that we don’t take time to understand ourselves, men and women are so different, we speak different languages. To have better relationship with the opposite sex, I’ll strongly recommend this one, I read it and I understood immediately why men act the way they do. My most special note from this one is the asking for favors from men, God! I had always thought that if a male friend didn’t help me without asking, then he doesn’t like/love (whichever one). Well, it appears that men would rather be asked and trusted to come around. Now that I have little understanding about these ego-hero (lol) based beings, I never resent them when they don’t offer unsolicited help, I’ll rather ask. Learn more about our differences and see yourself building better relationships with trust and respect. Enjoy!


The lady, her lover and her Lord by T.D jakes.

I love this one. If you are looking for healing from being broken, and how to become a woman of balance, with the most poetic expressions of being feminine, for your inspiration, this is your best lookout. My best part in this book is the part that explains how we tend to look for solution to emotional problems in humans like us. He makes readers see that God is the master healer, and the only one we can rely on. T.D Jakes reminds me of how great and beautiful I can be as a woman, I like the fact that I can be pretty, amazing, intellectual, fashionable, superb, hot, sassy, christian, purposeful and still support whoever i’m going to be wedded to, while getting refilled with love from God. He makes me see that all I need is a relationship with God to achieve all the other relationships that I would love to have. This one goes for my ladies too. Read this book, grow and become a woman of Excellence.



How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer

I just concluded this one, it’s really bewildering how most of us live. God wants to talk to us, quite alright, but it seems that we always want to hear him speak in some particular way. I always wanted God to talk to me in the way I specified, sometimes I would tell Him that He should speak to me through the first portion I looked at when I opened my Bible. Funny, God most times wants to speak to us in His own way, not our way, He speaks through nature, dreams, visions, peace inside, through people, conviction, the small still voice(inner witness) and any other means He deems fit. Read this book if you want to learn how to hear from God. Babes, he doesn’t have to talk to you the same way He talked to your neighbor, he has different means of communicating with you.


Knowing God intimately by Joyce Meyer

This book is awesome, I always felt like I had everything, but somehow I still felt incomplete, there was one relationship that I needed to have that I was lacking, I knew it inside. from reading this book I realized that what I missed all the while was a close, intimate relationship with God. If you need to be whole, If you need to hang on someone, if you wish to understand what you were born for, then get this lovely book and get intimate with God, the one true love.

knowing God intimately

Everyday a Friday

Now, I really love Joel’s smile on the front page of this book. His smile here tells the story in the whole book. I wanted to have the most captivating reason why you should get a copy of this book. From my calculations(please don’t quote me) 99.9% of the world’s population directly or indirectly would tell you that they just want to be happy. Happiness is now a hand book. What’s most interesting are the short stories he gives to illustrate each point. My best tip in this book is this: laugh Everyday. it’s so easy, watch a funny movie, go for a comedy show, joke with your friends. For more, get this book and read your way into a life of happiness.

everday a friday joel osteen

Extraordinary living by Andrea Jones Mullins

This book taught me that little things are enough, we don’t have to do the big things to be extraordinary, give someone an encouraging note, give a hug, redesign your house, give to charity, volunteer to things, pray for your family members, develop a skill, travel, feel God’s presence and Live life happy. Move from the mundane to the the extraordinary.
extraordinary living book


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